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Dental hygienist

As a student I went to India, and after graudating I went to Rwanda with TUG. These two trips are only the beginning of my TUG adventure.

I believe it is beneficial to you as a Danish health professional to challenge and develop your ability to understand cultural differences.

In India my team and I experienced quite a culture shock. The body language, the caste system, eating without utensils, and their understanding of the function of their teeth were just a few of the extreme differences we encountered. One particular challenge, for example, was the fact that the Indians didn’t want to have their teeth extracted. This was especially the case regarding the teeth in the upper jaw, as they believe the teeth serve as a proverbial cork-function, making sure that knowledge doesn’t leave the head.

I will never stop developing my professional skills, and I have definitely not had my last cultural travel experience. That is why I am going on more dental missions.