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As a 70-year-old dentist, the dental mission in Rwanda was a great experience, because of my excellent team mates.

The first week we worked in a refugee camp, the second week at a health centre in Nyamgabe. The work consisted of pain management, through tooth extractions, as well as instruction in toothbrushing and other dental care.

We worked with young students from Rwanda, who served as interpreters for the patients. Through our trip they were sweet and knowledgeable counsellors for us, when we had questions, or as guides on market trips and safaris.

What made the biggest impression on me was that people had time. They would happily wait half a day for treatment after walking a long way to get there. There were people everywhere walking, biking along the roads, and we met many children smiling and waving. It’s not unthinkable that I would go for a second trip.