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– for you who want to participate in a dental mission.

Your help as a volunteer emissary makes a huge difference. In developing countries professional dental treatment is often unavailable. Your professional help means that patients get to go back to their everyday life, at work or in school, free of physical pain. Also, your help will lead to a more knowledgeable community regarding dental health maintenance, and it will play an important role in preventing future problems.

You can volunteer on a dental mission, if you are

• interested in dental health in the world’s poorest countries

• a member of Dental Health Without Borders


And either are:

• a qualified Scandinavian dentist, dental hygienist, or clinic assistant

• a dental student who has successfully completed the 8th semester

• a dental hygienist student who has successfully completed the 4th semester

When is the next dental mission?

Winter 2021

Rwanda: Week 7 (not yet confirmed)*

West Bank: Week 7 (not yet confirmed)*

Compulsory introductory course is held in Copenhagen. Dates are not yet confirmed.


Summer 2021

Rwanda: Week 28 (not yet confirmed)*

West Bank: Week 29 (not yet confirmed)*

Compulsory introductory course is held in Copenhagen. Dates are not yet confirmed.

*Due to COVID-19 we are awaiting further instruction from authorities. Dental missions are cancelled for the rest of 2020.


How often are there dental missions?

There are two missions annually, one in summer and one in winter.

The periods are typically during school holidays – often in mid-February and July. The number of dental missions sent within these periods varies according to the number of applicants.

Application deadline

15 March is the application deadline for summer dental missions

15 September is the application deadline winter dental missions


Dental Health Without Borders administers the dental mission and takes care of the costs directly linked to it (interpreters, project related transport, etc.) including various equipment.

You will generally cover your own travel and living expenses. The reason for this is that we are a non-profit humanitarian organisation, run by members, foundations, and with the support of our business partners.

NB: Remember, there are often extra unforeseen expenses when going on these types of trips – insurance, visa, etc.


It is possible to find alternative financial support through various foundations and scholarships, and we recommend that you research what is available to you.


Fill out and submit the application form via email

Send the application form and attachments electronically to

Get application form here

Only via email
It is NOT possible to submit your application via regular mail. If the application is sent through regular mail, you will not be considered for participation. Instead, scan your application and attachments separately and send them via email.


CV in English

Education/professional documentation

  • Dentists and dental hygienists must attach an authorisation/Certificate of Current Professional Status (Good Standing) from the Health Department
  • Dental assistants must attach documentation for completed education
  • Students and recently graduated dentists and dental hygienists without a Certificate of Current Professional Status must attach a copy of their diploma

Copy of valid passport
(be aware of local rules regarding expiration dates)

 Quick response

You will hear from us within 10 days from the application deadline

– You will hear by email if your application has been successful.

– In the same email you will receive information which will guide you through the next steps in the process, and you will find out about your team mates.

 Book your trip

– Book and pay for your own trip


– Make sure you get the necessary vaccinations

 Get travel insurance

Introductory course

– Participate in a mandatory course in Copenhagen approx. 2 months prior to your trip. At this course you will be asked to fill out a Criminal Record Disclosure.

 Travel log

– With your team mates, write a description of your trip


– Send at least 10 pictures from the dental mission (We must receive them within four weeks of your return home.)

Do you have any questions or doubts? Feel free to contact us either by phone: (+45) 3348 7703 or email:


Here you will find our standard application form, plus a contract, and sample budget (in Danish only).