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Dental Health Without Borders (TUG) is a Danish NGO. Our aim is to improve life possibilities for children in some of the world’s poorest countries through better dental health.

Toothache makes it hard to focus on school. It might sound simple, but it’s the reality for many children in some of the poorest countries of the world. We are establishing sustainable dental developments projects in order to ensure happier and healtier children. Without the toothache the children have energy to focus on school. The children will thrive better and so will their school results – which ultimately gives the children a chance at a better future.

TUG teaches school children how to take care of their teeth through daily toothbrushing programmes in school. We collaborate with local NGOs and we involve teachers, parents, health workers and dental professionals in order to create sustainable health models which can be continued locally.

We engage in dialogues with policy makers to advocate for school based dental care on national and regional level. Through our results and research we show politicians how much the country can gain if they add prevention and dental care into their national health strategies.


//By teaching daily tooth brushing to school children supplemented by acute treatment, we create sustainable health models which can be continued locally.

//We strengthen local NGOs and involve teachers, parents, health workers and dental professionals.

//We engage in dialogue with policy-makers and emphasize the advantages associated with prioritising school-based dental healthcare.


The vision of Dental Health Without Borders is to improve the general and oral health of the most vulnerable in developing countries.


Dental Health Without Border is on a mission to improve life possibilities for children in our project countries through better dental health and less toothache.

TUG establishes sustainable development projects in some of the worlds poorest countries in collaboration with school teachers, volunteer, parents and local health staff. TUG collaborates with well established organisations in developing countries on joint projects with a focus on dental health promotion.

To support our development work TUG sends out volunteers on dental missions. The volunteers teach about dental health and treat acute toothache.

WHO establishes that dental health is a determining factor when increasing peoples life quality. Yet, dental health is an overseen global health issue.

Dental caries are the most common non-transmitted disease in the world.

In the Western world we are used to professional dental treatments and many of us take preventive dental treatment for granted. In the mean time reality is different for many people in the countries we operate in. The majority lives with toothaches and can only get help from self taught street dentists, who often perform harmful treatments. This can lead to life threatening infections.

60-90% of school children globally suffers from cavities which every year leads to millions of lost school hours. In low income countries 95% of children between 11-14 years has untreated dental problems.