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Many don’t know what to do with their extracted gold teeth. Often they end up at the buttom of a drawer. Donate them in stead, and the teeth can make a difference for the dental health in developing countries!

Old teeth are worth gold

Via the Dental Health Without Borders collection you can donate your gold tooth and help make a difference in the battle against poor dental health in developing countries.

Your donation will help give vulnerable groups a healthier mouth, better life quality, and perhaps a brighter future. All you need to do is donate your extracted gold tooth with a dentist, who is participating in our collection, or contact Dental Health Without Borders directly.

This is how you donate your gold tooth

Ask your dentist if they have one of our collection containers, or contact us directly at (+45)3348 7703, or

We collect the dental scraps in one pool, have it remelted, and sell it. This collection is approved by the Police.


Dental Health Without Borders (Tandsundhed Uden Grænser) is a humanitarian organization that collaborates with well-established organizations in developing countries, on jointly formulated projects with a focus on health promotion.