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We are Dental Health Without Borders

Dental Health Without Borders (TUG) is a Danish humanitarian organisation. Our aim is to improve dental health in developing countries and to put dental health on the agenda, in close collaboration with local organisations and public authorities.

Since 2002 we have worked on projects with the goal of improving dental health in the world’s poorest countries – especially among children and young people. More specifically, we provide dental emergency aid. Unpaid volunteer dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental students travel to join our projects all over the world to performe emergency dental treatment, as well as to teach good dental hygiene to patients from the poorest parts of society. Every year we send approximately 50 volunteers to our partnering countries on dental missions. We do this in combination with our larger development projects which focus on long-term dental health and preventative care. These larger projects are run in areas with a distinct need for, but poor access to, dental care. For this reason these projects focus on sustainability, promotion of health, capacity building, and general education, as well as information. You might say that the work of Dental Health Without Borders rests on two equally fundamental pillars of activity: our dental missions, and our development projects.

An authorised non-profit organisation

Dental Health Without Borders was established in 2002 by Danish volunteer dental students, traveling to provide emergency treatment to disadvantaged people in developing countries. Today we are an authorised, non-profit organisation with a permanent secretariat and around 900 members consisting mostly of dental professionals.

Would you like to learn more about Dental Health Without Borders?

Dental Health Without Borders will gladly give a talk to interested groups – with or without association to the dental world. Please contact us at or (+45)3348 7703 to find out more.



children and young people in the Philippines are receiving ongoing dental care in schools because of our work


of severe dental diseases have been reduced among children in our first development project in Rwanda – their school test results have improved by 17%


children brushed their teeth daily as part of our projects in Rwanda and Palestine in 2017


children and adults received acute dental treatment and tooth brushing instruction from our volunteers in 2017